Signature Talks

Humanology: The Future of Technology in the Workplace

Respecting Boundaries: Forging a Human Future

WellMeing Mindfulness Meditation and Breathwork Course

Equitable Hiring Practices

Ideal Work Relationships

Leading Your Workplace Consciously and with a Conscience

Championing Different Abilities as Opportunities

Black Women Rise: Honest Discussions about Race and Work

The Root Work of Diversity

Systems, Work Structures, and The BIPOC Problem

Conscious Philanthropy & Racism in the US

Cultivating Conscious Citizenship

The Journey to Unity Mastermind Session

Personal Accountability & Authenticity for Success at Work

Sacred Transcendence: Lessons from “The Lovers” and Getting to Know the Divine Twin Within

The Next Human Frontier: Total Wellness for Future of Life and Work™

I’m Not Okay: Cultivating Mindfulness and Mental Health at Work™

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