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Our Mission

Talent Think Innovations exists to evolve and humanize the ideologies, behaviors, and conventions that inform the way we work and live. It is our Founder/Chief Innovations Officer’s belief that we are on the precipice of “the next frontier” of humanity. Talent Think Innovations is dedicated to working with businesses and individuals alike who seek a humanistic, future-forward approach to their most pressing challenges. We accomplish this by ensuring our clients arm their businesses and human partners with the right resources, a zeal for creativity and innovation, aligned organizational roles and accountabilities, and sustainable solutions that focus on wellbeing resulting in more humane practices and healthier business environments.   

Our Vision

The future belongs to the alchemists, the humans who will magically, holistically, and sustainably create positive outcomes in the present in hopes of transforming the future in healthier and meaningful ways.  Talent Think Innovations is more than a business it is a movement for human transformation. What we do today in business and as a society becomes the fertile first matter and soil for future generations. Whether through our custom learning and development or our advocacy for the humans belonging to marginalized communities, Talent Think Innovations is at the forefront for pioneering a better world.

“Human Transformation is the next frontier of humanity. We are on the precipice of being something very different than we have been before. It is through human transformation that we can examine and shift how we look at work, life, society, one another, and how we show up in the world."

Janine Nicole Dennis, CIO

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