By Janine Nicole Dennis Founder & Chief Innovations Officer of Talent Think Innovations

An Open Letter for Black Lives


As an Afro-Caribbean woman, I have experienced my share of racism, micro-aggressions, and discrimination over the course of my career. Neither my alma-mater nor any formal training I have acquired over the course of my career adequately prepared me for the modern-day slavery business environment I would enter into as a young adult. We humans have been and continue to face a social crisis societally. As we continue to perpetuate systems and structures that create adverse conditions for BIPOC humans, we will continue to see our moral and ethical fabric become untethered. The senseless assassination of Black humans in the U.S. and globally throughout the Black diaspora is a matter that I take seriously. It is not enough to proclaim that our lives matter, the business and human community as a whole must commit to taking action to make it so.

As the owner of a black-owned business, I have an elevated duty to use my influence in the business world for good and to shift the landscape on behalf of Black humans to the best of my ability.

Talent Think Innovations stands with BIPOC communities and commits to being central to public conversations on social justice, working with heart-centered and socially-conscious clients to educate, advocate, and take visible action towards a more fair, equitable and just world for BIPOC humans. Through my dedication to protecting and uplifting Black lives, I place a specific focus on centering Black lives, needs, and interests because we are the most marginalized societally.

Talent Think Innovations is in the business of the human. It is worth noting, you don’t have to identify as BIPOC to commit to abolishing unjust systems. However, it must be acknowledged and digested that no human should rest peacefully until all of us are free and treated humanely. As humans we have two choices, we are either perpetuating the problem or we are eradicating it. Talent Think Innovations is committed to intentional work in eradicating any system or structure that impedes BIPOC humans from experiencing basic freedoms and the fullest extent of self-actualization.

Kind Regards,


Janine Nicole Dennis

Founder/Chief Innovations Officer


” Human Transformation is the next frontier of humanity. We are on the precipice of being something very different than we have been before. It is through human transformation that we can examine and shift how we look at work, life, society, one another, and how we show up in the world”.

– Janine Nicole Dennis, CIO

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