Talent Management Strategy

Getting the right candidate through the door is important. Re-recruiting and retaining your talent is even more important. Our process gets you focused on putting your talent first by recognizing them as valued individuals and then by implementing strategies that engage, motivate and inspire your teams to be successful.

Talent Acquisition Strategy

Talent Acquisition is one of the most important functions in your business. If you can’t get candidates through the door- your business is doomed. Talent Think Innovations, LLC will work with you and your team to ensure that your teams, hiring and onboarding processes are set up for everyone involved to succeed. Whether your issue is improving your candidate experience or re-energizing your recruitment team we have the tools for you.

Performance Management

Are you going through the annual motion of evaluating your staff for the sake of past practice? Get out of the performance review rut and have Talent Think Innovations, LLC audit your current process. We will audit your process and provide real-time feedback on ways you can improve your performance management program so it becomes a talent management imperative rather than a burden.

Employee Relations

Having a strategy for how you will resolve conflict in the workplace is essential for ensuring you provide a safe and productive workplace for your talent. We can help you identify your trouble areas and provide some guidance on how you prevent future employee issues from recurring.

Succession Planning 

Have you identified the talent that will lead your business into the future? If not, let us help you identify and develop the talent you will need to remain successful. This is an area where it pays to be proactive so you can ensure all facets of your business are lead by prepared, capable, and knowledgeable talent.

HR Technology Strategy

We provide customized strategies to fit your company size and needs by evaluating how you use HR Technology today and discussing your future uses. From implementation project plans to helping you research and choose vendors that suit your business needs- Talent Think Innovations, LLC has your HR Technology needs covered.

Training & Assessments

We build custom trainings and assessments for everything from OFCCP compliance to Social Media Strategy. Our trainings can be webinars or one-day onsite trainings for your staff. Notice our trainings are custom because our goal is always to put your culture, your processes and your talent at the forefront of every service we deliver.

Social Media Marketing/Branding

Have no clue how to get started on social media? You can breathe easy as we take over and help you not only navigate the social tools out there but help you to develop, maintain and manage your digital presence for your business while teaching through our ‘Social Minimalism’ model.

Vendor Collaboration/Content Writing/Media

Our CIO, Janine N. Truitt is well established in the HR and Talent Management spaces.  We love to collaborate with new and innovative companies that have an eye towards the future of business and Talent Management. Our services provide both research and content writing services for writing whitepapers, product reviews, and blog posts. We also can host and present webinars, provide social media event coverage, as well as appear for speaking engagements.

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